Yes, the accuracy is the same. Besides, the alcohol testers which the police are using only indicate whether the alcohol concentration is over or below the limit, but Mark X shows the exact reading of the alcohol concentration, which is much clearer.
No! After drinking alcohol or eating the food contains alcohol, residues of alcohol in your mouth will affect the test result. You should wait for at least 20 minutes, until there is no residue in your mouth and the alcohol is absorbed by your body.
We do not suggest you to drive after drinking alcohol no matter what result the tester shows. If you insisted, please test again 5-10 minutes after the first test, if the alcohol level increased, that means the alcohol is not fully absorbed by the body yet, please DO NOT DRIVE; if the second reading is decreased by 20%, you may consider whether you are suitable to drive or not. Only the test results by Mark X or other evidential alcohol testers can be uses as a reference to the above suggestion.
Mark X, Mercury & Jupiter needs recalibration in every 6 months or 500 tests, depending on which one reaches first.The sensor of Mars, Mars BT, Satellite & Pluto needs to be calibrated in every 6 months or 300 tests.
You can install an alcohol testing ignition interlock on the vehicle, the driver has to make test before driving, if he cannot past the test, he cannot start the engine. If you want to know more or install the interlock, please contact us